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14 days unlimited training for $33.00

1. Sign up for our 14 day trial period via our form.

2. Turn up to any of the Kickboxing Fitness or Open Krav Maga classes as shown in the schedule to start your trial period.

3. Train as much as you like at any of our locations under all of our fully qualified Krav Maga Global Instructors.


14 day unlimited training for $39.00 (uniform included.)

  1. Start today! Turn up 15 min before any of our Kids Krav Maga session(s).
  2. Full uniform provision: Your child will be provided with complete uniform to train our kids lessons, and fit in with the rest of our friendly kids.
  3. We encourage parents to stay and watch their children start learning life changing skills whilst having a blast.


About Krav Maga

Pictured: KMG Head Instructor, Eyal Yanilov with GIT Member Franklyn Hartkamp.

Imi Lichtenfeld, the first defensive tactics instructor, developed Krav Maga for the Israel defence force.  Through many years of field testing, constant refinement and feedback from military and security sectors, Krav Maga has evolved to what it is today – a highly effective, efficient tactical system. The civilian form of this system has since migrated to five continents and the number of civilian instructors worldwide continues to grow stronger yearly.   Designed around instinctive body movements, Krav Maga was originally developed for the Israel Defence Force. Krav Maga’s proven success has led to its increased practice throughout the world. Krav Maga contains tactics and training methods to give anyone the ability to survive a confrontation and protect themselves and their loved ones. These skills are taught in a fun and friendly environment, while you get fit in the process.

Krav Maga Self Defence offers regular classes, seminars and private tuition to all sectors to the community in Sydney’s North West and is officially affiliated with Krav Maga Global (KMG). Krav Maga Global is the most recognised and largest Krav Maga organisation, with established KMG branches worldwide.

Upcoming Events

Nerf & Pizza Night

December 14th 2018 – 5:00PM – 7:00PM


  • Fantastic environment for all types of kids. Very welcoming instructors. Great value!

    thumb Keryn Ryan
  • Practical and useful martial arts, every kid should get into it

    thumb Sangeeth Prakasam
  • 5 star review  Awesome ...been a couple of months but so glad I chose this system over other forms of martial arts

    thumb Carlo Dann
  • 5 star review  Fantastic bunch of people and easily learnt techniques that prove extremely effective.

    thumb Liam Stevens
  • 5 star review  This is a great place to learn a realistic self defense system while having fun, making friends and loosing weight! The instructors are awesome and provide an intense, yet fun and safe environment. With so many forms of attack, there are so many variables of defence, so no class is the same. I highly recommend this team to anyone serious about learning self defense, especially women and children!!

    thumb Bettina Banaschik Welgemoed
  • 5 star review  Nothing better, I've been training at this school for almost a decade now. The instructors are spot on with everything. Lessons are simple and easy to understand, not to mention fun. I don't look forward to the weekends, I look forward to Thursday nights!

    thumb Jack Watson
  • 5 star review  Studying multiple fighting systems over the years, Krav Maga is definitely the easiest one for me to pick up and I've seen countless others do too. Learning life skills, awareness, mental, cardio vascular and strength training in a great environment with a growing base of attentive and skilled instructors Lessons are well developed introducing curriculum using natural human movement - easy to pick up. Easy to apply (only if necessary) Krav curriculum is constantly being reviewed and adjusted - so there will always be something to learn or re-learn as you progress through the system.

    thumb Jason Lucas
  • 5 star review  The best. Instructors great. Easy enough moves for the beginner to get a handle on. Loved it.

    thumb Barbara Bush-Bakon
  • 5 star review  Awesome crew awesome training seriously can’t go wrong here friendly faces lots of belly laughs and proper real life self defence!

    thumb Greg Farls
  • 5 star review  fantastic...learned so much and had so much fun...great experience..

    thumb Pip Jean


Krav Maga Open

Krav Maga Open

All locations

Learn proven self-defense techniques to protect yourself, friends and loved ones in real-life. Classes are delivered in an easy to understand format by our fully qualified KMG instructors

Krav Junior

Krav Junior

Castle Hill, Epping & Ryde

Give your children the skills to protect themselves.Confidence. Awareness. Discipline. Fitness. We cater to age (5-16 yo). Our curriculum not only focuses on self-defence, but also topics such as bullying, peer pressure and internet predators.



Castle Hill & Rhodes

Challenge your fitness and strength in our fitness classes. Open to all levels and scaled personally for your own development.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Castle Hill / On location

One to one instruction and private group lessons are available for those who wish to take their skills to the next level.

Combat Tactics

Combat Tactics

Castle Hill

Scenario based training with light sparring to further enhance your Krav Maga skills.
(Open to graded students only.)

Workshops / Camps / Seminars

Workshops / Camps / Seminars

On location

We host a number of workshops, camps and seminars throughout the year covering a range of topics applicable to all age groups.



Please find our locations below.
Click here for our training schedule


Rhodes Community Centre
Blaxland Rd Rhodes NSW 2138

Epping North

Epping North Public School
Boundary Rd, North Epping NSW 2121

Castle Hill

Unit G15 / 2A Victoria Ave
Castle Hill, NSW 2154

Ryde (Kids Only)

Ryde Public School Hall
Pope Street, Ryde NSW 2112

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start training?

Starting is really simple.
We have a great culture and you’ll see this after your first session. Come to any of open or fitness classes as shown in our schedule and join in

If you are still thinking about starting you are more than welcome to come along and watch a class or talk to an Instructor.

There are plenty of people just like you training and Instructors and higher graded students are always willing to help you out if needed.

How fit do I need to be?

Anyone can train Krav Maga. Our student base ranges from children to seniors. We do not expect any of our students to have a high degree of physical fitness.

The intensity of the class is scaled according to the fitness level of our students. We’re here to train self defence first. Don’t be discouraged – through training Krav Maga, you will learn self-defence and the fitness you will develop synergises with your Krav Maga training.

We also offer fitness classes that provide opportunities to develop your striking, endurance and mental fortitude even further.

Can ladies learn Krav Maga?

Definitely! The motivation for women to learn self defence is to defend themselves against attacks primarily perpetrated by a male.

Learning Krav Maga is a great way to acquire life skills, improve your fitness and seek new challenges.

We also offer women’s only seminars on a regular basis, run by our fully qualified female instructors in a separate setting from any of the male students in the class.

To keep informed when these workshops are on, then join our mailing list or follow us on social media: Instagram, Facebook or Twitter

How often should I train?

Students find that training a minimum of two nights a week in class, generally yields the best results for retaining knowledge and adequate rest time.
Based on your membership plan, you may still be able to train as many times as you like during the week.

Do I need protective gear?

Our student’s safety is a top priority of the system.
Training in self defence always bears a risk of injury.
Our students are required to acquire a mouth guard and groin guard as a minimum for training.
Other protective gear (shin and head protection etc.) is available for order through our school.

Is there any contact during training?

We aim to strike a balance between realism and safety.
There will be some light contact, (which we call marking) but not for new students.
This ensures that they are not intimidated and protects the safety of others.

Get in touch!

Is there a question that hasn’t been answered in the FAQ? Still want to find out more information on our classes? Want to organise a seminar, workshop or private lesson? Fill out the form to the right and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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