Understanding The Core Principles of KMG Krav Maga: A Cheat Sheet


At Krav Maga Global (KMG), we believe that comprehending the principles of Krav Maga is vital for a deeper understanding of the system and its applications during training. These principles encompass technical and tactical aspects that guide effective self-defense and shape our approach to combat. In this cheat sheet, we’ll explore the main principles of Krav Maga to keep in mind during your training journey.

Key Principles for Effective Self-Defense

  1. Neutralize the Threat
    The primary goal is to stop the aggressor’s attack from continuing. Act decisively and appropriately to neutralize the threat promptly.
  2. Avoid, Prevent, and De-escalate
    Whenever possible, aim to avoid dangerous situations. If faced with potential danger, take measures to prevent escalation or de-escalate the confrontation.
  3. Inflict Maximum Damage, Sustain Minimum Harm
    In combat situations, prioritize delivering powerful strikes to the opponent while minimizing harm to yourself.
  4. Prioritize Third-Party Protection
    When defending others, prioritize the safety of your loved ones at all costs.
  5. Act Within the Law
    Always adhere to the laws of the country you are in while implementing Krav Maga techniques.

Technical Principles – Attacks and Defenses

Principles of Attacks

  • Understand the hierarchy of tools, techniques, principles, variations, simulations, and role-play.
  • Consider the impact of recoil when delivering strikes.
  • Focus on maximizing speed and mass to generate kinetic energy and momentum.
  • Recognize the importance of the kinetic chain in delivering powerful strikes.
  • Be familiar with the 5 ranges: XS (grappling), S (close-range strikes), M (strikes with a stretched arm), L (kicks at leg’s length), and XL (advancing or using objects to reach).

Principles of Defenses

  • Master three types of dynamic body defenses: lateral and horizontal moves, torque, pivot and turn, and change of height.
  • Learn various active hand or leg defenses that stop, deflect, or redirect attacks.
  • Understand the principles of releases and ground self-defense, including trapping, bridging, hooking, and scraping (plucking).

Tactical Considerations During KMG Actions

  • Act Swiftly: Defend and counter the attack as soon as possible.
  • Seek Contact or Disengage: Decide whether to maintain contact with the aggressor or disengage based on the situation.
  • Assess for Additional Threats: Remain aware of potential other aggressors.
  • Utilize Surrounding Objects: Look for common objects that can aid in your actions.
  • Prioritize Safety and Injuries: Evacuate yourself and others to safety and check for injuries.
  • Inform and Assist Authorities: Notify and cooperate with the appropriate authorities after the incident.

Guidelines for KMG Actions

  • Respect and Honor: Show respect for fellow trainees, seniors, and instructors.
  • Cultivate Trust and Faith: Trust your instructor, believe in yourself, and have faith in the KMG system.
  • Overcome Injuries: Learn to overcome injuries while training safely.
  • Utilize Natural Reflexes: Work with your natural reflexes, as they underpin Krav Maga techniques.
  • Target Vulnerabilities: Strike vulnerable areas with any suitable body part or common tool.
  • No Sports or Competition Compliance: Do not follow sports or competition rules during self-defense scenarios.


This cheat sheet provides a concise overview of the fundamental principles of the KMG system. While it offers general guidelines, the full scope of Krav Maga principles requires continuous learning and practical application during your training. By internalizing these principles, you can better equip yourself to face real-world challenges and enhance your understanding of the KMG system. Keep this cheat sheet as a valuable reminder throughout your journey in Krav Maga, always seeking to improve and excel in your practice. Happy training and stay safe!


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Originally posted by Eyal Yanilov
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