Why Teach Krav Maga To Kids & Teenagers?

This important question is being asked numerous times while I teach kids instructor’s courses around the world. I believe that the answer to the question begins with Imi’s famous sentence: “that one may live in peace…” Does “one” include the young ages as well? It is important to mention that when Imi introduced Krav Maga for civilians, it was taught only to adults first, and later to teenagers. At his late years, when Krav Maga began to be practice with kids, Imi was saying “The kids are the base to Krav Magas future”. At the time, I did not understand this fully, I believe that today I do. Answering the question can begin with another question: is there a need for kids to know how to defend themselves? Here, we can give a clear and simple answer: YES, THERE IS!

Kids at all ages might find themselves in stressful and dangerous situation, and they might be exposed to various treats and risks in their daily life. The threats can happen on their way to school or back, at the school itself, or at any other location which includes interaction between kids to other people. In general, we characterize the treats to kids by:

  • Events between the same age group
  • Events that include a family member (adult) attacker, for example: an 11 years old boy will be considered an adult in comparison to a 6-year-old boy etc.

The last important definition will describe that a violent event is not necessarily physical, meaning that harassing or bullying might influence the life of kids as strongly as a physical event and of course should be consider as a treat to the kids well being.

Where there is the need, WE at KMG will provide the knowledge and relevant training programs to educate kids and teenagers and prepare them to reality. That was Imi’ vision, which inspires Eyal and me until these days. This is our mission and we will stand to it. To me as an instructor, teaching kids has always been a source for positive energy and great satisfaction, that relates to one simple fact: we are influencing kids’ future, teaching them how to act right in complicated situations and how to become better individuals.  I had the privilege of teaching kids from age five, until they were drafted to the army, and continue teaching them after their release from the army and becoming KM instructors. Try to imagine the role model we are and how unique the connection you have between yourselves.