The GIC Journey

Jan Tevini, Expert Level 4

Are you a dedicated Krav Maga Global practitioner and wish to become a certified instructor? Do you love Krav Maga and seek to experience the reward of enlightening and inspiring students?

Is your technique  good but you feel slightly insecure when it comes to speaking in front of an audience?

As instructors, we are not only role models of Krav Maga techniques, we are life coaches with a much influence on our students. Students see us as leaders – commanders of the class, therefore, it is our responsibility to strive to improve and be the best KMG instructors and demonstrate a high level of  ”performance, personality and value“ while conveying KMG knowledge.

Participants of KMG’s General Instructor Course (GIC) are very diverse: some are already advanced practitioners of Krav Maga, some have a history of martial arts training, some are already instructors in different fields of physical education and most are in different positions in their career and life in general. No matter the individual’s starting position and level, it is every Global & International Team (GIT) member’s goal to lead each and every one in a path of a successful GIC.

The final test consists of two equally important parts – the technical test and the teaching test – both subjects are discussed thoroughly during the instructors course. Alongside long hours of teaching, giving examples and lectures by the GIT member, it is also up to the participants to take an active part in the course themselves -by planning and executing their own warm-ups, lesson plans and more.

This process begins in the first days of the instructor’s education and usually every participant should have the chance to deliver a full group warm-up during GIC’s first part, along with teaching techniques to small groups consisting of one to four (and sometimes six) trainees at a time.

Thorough feedback by the GIT will assist not only the group’s leader, but the whole group – and greatly improve their competence.

The supreme discipline of a KMG instructor is instructing or teaching.

But what does that mean?

In fact, there is not one single answer to this question. KMG’s combined way of teaching principles and knowledge, cultivating years of experience to & from our students and instructors is unique, highly advanced and multi-dimensional. During the final days of the course everyone has to prove that he/she is able to successfully conduct a class with eloquence and professionalism. In order to achieve this goal, one has to undergo the transition from a student to an instructor.

When you graduate the GIC, you are at the doorstep of a new era. From that point on, you should work the floor or mat to gain as much instruction experience and continue improving your own capabilities and knowledge of the system – as well as methods to teach it. With time you will become very capable, proficient and confident in standing as a leader on the floor and making change in people.

This is a must as you are teaching life-saving skills, not just sport. With time, your trainees will receive from you the four parts of KMG instructor pillars of teaching: Self-defense, Combat and fighting skills, VIP and 3rd party protection as well as Combat Mindset & Mental Conditioning .

So, be patient with yourself and excited of the future, you are in the beginning of a wonderful personal journey.

See you in one of the upcoming GIC courses!

If you are interested in becoming a Krav Maga Global Instructor, please speak to one of your instructors in class for further information!
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