⚠ Not every attack is straight forth and can be hidden with ulterior motives.
💪 A sneaky arm around the shoulder can be turned into a headlock from the side, a headlock from the rear, a throw to the ground, or even as a restraint for punches.
🖐 We believe in teaching the Krav Junior kids to prevent any unwanted physical contact through avoidance, prevention, and pre-emptive action.

Our instructors talk through the different options available as part of the timeline to understand what to do and when to do it.

Krav Junior is kept simple and effective for our kids to learn life-saving skills in a short period of time. All our Krav Junior classes will include warm-up, learning games, and structured striking or defensive technique training. With younger age groups, we focus on using learning games as the key training tool, to help them absorb techniques better in a fun way. Older kids and teens will have a more structured curriculum, designed specifically for their age group.

As our children grow and change into young adults over the coming years, so will the world around them. Our mission is to prepare them to be safe and perform at their best through consistent training and challenges to make them better.

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