There is something powerful about teaching the youth.

It is empowering and rewarding to be able to guide and help shape the path of someone’s life to be better informed about the world out there.

How to fall and minimise injury, how to protect someone or something important to them, and most importantly themselves. Passing down strategies and tactics to overcome situations that are relevant to their age group are things that are sometimes often lost as part of the “growing up” phase of life.

I’m really proud of these juniors that continue to show up each week to hone themselves to better for themselves and for others.


All hailing from different backgrounds and starting point(s), everyone works hard and works together.  The bonus is that along the way, they build solid friendships and create some life long memories.  Students find that the culture at our training centre is to help and respect one another whilst developing themselves. 

It’s with each little step that we can impact the world and make it a better and safer place for all.

Instructor Jase