Pictured: The 2020 class of KMG Australian Instructors with KMG Australia Director, Adam White.

Krav Maga Global Australia runs a General Instructor Course every year to help bring practitioners to further their knowledge of Krav Maga, by educating them on how the system is built and empowering them to teach the system to others. This course runs over two 12 day blocks in locations around Australia uniting students from Krav Maga Global locations both in and out of Australia. Students are rebuilt as they are taught the system at detailed whilst refining their techniques.
To read more on Krav Maga Global and KMG Instructors click here: https://www.kravmagaselfdefence.com.au/about/krav-maga-global/

5 of our students participated as candidates. All of their preparation, hard work and training resulted in successful outcomes. 

We are proud to announce 5 new instructors to our team:
Instructors Jen, Don, Greg, Alex and Justin.

Pictured from left to right: KMG Australian Director Adam with Instructors Jen, Don, Greg, Justin and Alex.