Due to the nature of self-defence, we drive a strong notion of not giving up to all of our students. Including kids. Grit and determination is imperative in order to succeed in any and every mission. Teaching and allowing children to see that they can achieve such feats with these attributes not only helps develop their own self-discipline, but also respect for themselves, knowing that they can win with the right attitude, strategy and execution. When working in pairs and groups, achieving the feat together, additionally helps builds respect for their peers.

Respect can sometimes be difficult for younger children to understand, but our Instructors often use simple tasks like asking students to put their shoes and items neatly away in pre-organised sections of our training facilities to respect the space. In addition, we also ask them to thank their parents for bringing them to class, to thank their instructor, to thank their training partner, to thank themselves for doing their best. Through gratitude and respect, we are planting the seeds at a young age for students to know that they respect others and themselves. This can help guide them through the turbulent times of adolescence and into adulthood.

Through our lessons and our student’s development, we see their progress from class to class and continue to challenge them to see their discipline go further. This could range from being able to do once difficult tasks, faster or strike faster or harder. This atmosphere of encouragement to always strive for more sets the precedence for students to expect more from themselves and push them to a higher standard for themselves and those around them.

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