In new environments around multiple stimuli, it can be very tempting for a child to become easily distracted by things they recognise but also be aware of things that are not. It is important that children develop awareness and the ability to utilise their senses, to make decisions based on their surroundings. On top of the tactics and solutions we teach them, some of the other highlights that we focus on within our program is developing active listening. Whilst this is important for self-defence, there are other areas that the abilities have the capacity to fall into.

Children who can listen to others and comprehend what is being said are better equipped to follow instructions at home and at school. Furthermore, children who listen well often talk, interact and communicate well with others, which can foster a sense of respect and trust among peers. These kids are more likely to be understood and heard, which can provide them a feeling of emotional fulfillment and belonging.

Krav Junior makes learning engaging and fun for children and teens by gamifying a number of drills to allow them to learn and develop gross motor skills, and self-defence.
Included within these drills, our Instructors often will have the students engage by using their voice as a response to danger, but also listening for things around them, and repeating commands to ensure that they have understood the drills. This in turn assists in the progress of developing determination and focus and also the utilisation of non-violent conflict resolution.

Empowering our future generations with the right life skills, can not only provide independence,  knowledge, and insight for safety, and opportunity for themselves, but also the ability to be self-less through helping others. It’s always great to see shy and timid little ones enter our Krav Maga gym, and watch them develop into respectful and perceptive individuals as they mature into adulthood.

Give them a head start for life. Boost their awareness and social skills. Register for Krav Junior.