Five Things The Corona Virus Has Taught Us About Self Defence

Our friends over at Krav Maga Perth, recently posted this on their social media. There are definitely some great points we agree with!


1. Early prevention is key
The longer you wait, the harder a situation may be to control, until it may be too late.

2. Avoidance
It’s OK to cross the street to avoid someone, or to choose not to share the same space, such as a lift, with them if they may be a threat to you. Better safe than sorry.

3. Distancing
We all now understand exactly how far 1.5 metres is. If someone can cough on you, they’re close enough to attack you.

4. Awareness
We have become more vigilant of the people around us, what we do, whether we really need to go somewhere, etc.

5. Debunking the “It will never happen to me” myth
Your age, looks, social standing, etc don’t matter if you have something the predator wants. You are still a potential target.

And a bonus one…

6. “Stay safe”

This seems to be the default farewell message nowadays, but it should be our foremost thought even after we’ve beaten this pandemic.